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Our Clients: Estate Agents


Reduce your pre-tenancy workload with Roby. Our clients typically see a 65% increase in efficiency.


  • Automate the pre-qualification of new applicants with bespoke questions to better understand their requirements and ensure your negotiators choose the most suitable properties.
  • Auto-schedule viewings, update negotiator calendars, arrange access with current tenants and confirm viewings via dynamic emails and SMS.
  • Gather viewing feedback instantly and allow Roby to suggest alternative properties, re-schedule appointments, book new appointments and chase negotiators to follow up leads.
  • Instantly auto-generated sales and lettings documentation using your templates/branding and send them to stakeholders for instant digital signing.
  • Automate third-party tenant referencing, inventory checks, payment of holding deposits and other moving in monies.


Exceed customer expectations and stay compliant with regulatory requirements.



  • Allow tenants to report maintenance issues via Roby’s white-label self-service portal 24 hours a day. Upload supporting images, add further descriptions and select availability and preferences for repair work.
  • Let Roby prioritise maintenance requests and operate bespoke maintenance processes for managed and non-managed properties, individual and VIP customers.
  • Automate the request and chasing of third-party contractor quotes and rank them based on parameters you feel are important (price, speed, quality of previous repairs).
  • Pro-actively update tenants on the status of any maintenance issues via real-time progress reports and job confirmations. Inform landlords of works completion and job updates.
  • Auto-generate and send maintenance invoices, deduct expenses from future rental income and auto-pay contractors.


Seamlessly raise payments, generate invoices and push or pull data into third-party accounting systems.



  • Raise payment requests and adjust for dynamic payment arrangements over time through all the major payment gateways.
  • Interpret, manipulate, push and pull data into third-party accounting software or property management systems.
  • Roby can sit inside your bank account and recognise new payments in real-time, auto-reconcile and issue confirmations or invoices.
  • Immediately identify late payments, chase, escalate and initiate bespoke credit control processes.
  • Allow Roby’s AI engines to suggest improvements in areas of efficiency accuracy and productivity across every step of your agencies payment process.

Credit Control

Keep on top of late payments with a bespoke credit-control process.


  • Automate email communications and physical letters at every stage of the credit-control process.
  • Roby can escalate the process at a time or point in the process that you feel is most appropriate.
  • Monitor late payments in real-time and automatically close credit control processes once payments are received.
  • Proactively update landlords on the status of payments via bespoke communication and real-time payment updates.
  • Initiate payment plans, initiate Section 21 notices and issue any necessary legal letters to comply with UK law.
  • Utilise bespoke credit control processes for managed and non-managed properties, individual and VIP tenants.


Seamlessly renew tenancy contracts ahead of time.



  • Auto-schedule bespoke end of tenancy communication with optional rental increases and other bespoke requirements.
  • Let Roby generate, send and chase for the signing of new tenancy agreements.
  • Update rent payment schedules for seamless auto reconciling of future rental payments.
  • Re-list properties on your website and portals, and initiate the tenant off boarding process.
  • Calculate landlord fees following the renewal. Issue invoices, chase and reconcile landlord payment.
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