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Roby offers a suite of key features that form the building blocks of any business process. Each feature is configured based on bespoke and delicately balanced levels of automation and human interaction.

Our philosophy allows unparalleled levels of flexibility and avoids the need for multiple legacy systems that cannot effectively communicate with one another.


Smart Templates

Roby’s smart templates use your branding, colours and text to seamlessly communicate with every stakeholder.

Roby can push and pull third-party data into key documents more accurately and quickly than a human ever could.



It typically takes 12 minutes to register a tenant deposit. Roby completes the same task in just 16 seconds.

Roby interacts with the major deposit protection schemes, including the TDS and DPS.

Auto Scheduling

Let Roby liaise with prospects and customers to schedule appointments, update employee diaries, and never miss a viewing.

Dynamic emails and SMS simplify the confirmation and cancellation of meetings.

Self Service Portal

Utilise Roby’s white-label self-service portal to communicate with your customers 24 hours a day.

Allow prospects and customers to open requests and engage with them more quickly and efficiently.


Automated Property Advertisements

With one click of a button, Roby seamlessly uploads new instructions to the major online portals, social media platforms and websites complete with pictures, property descriptions, floorplans and EPC data.

Dynamic Email & SMS

Roby’s dynamic email and SMS simplifies communication with customers and helps push transactions forward.

Every eventuality is pre-configured into the system based on your preferred outcome.


Allow customers to open maintenance tickets from any device, add images, descriptions and their availability for repairs.

Supervise the process and decide on your preferred level of automation, from chasing contractors and auto-scheduling repairs.

Auto Rent Collection

Let Roby create, schedule and collect rental payments, deposits and holding deposits via all the major UK payment gateways.

Seamlessly push and pull financial data to third-party accounting software and property management systems.

Property Management

Keep on top of all your property management and compliance requirements such as gas safety certificates, insurance and electrical testing.

Use a level of automation that suits you. Choose a stand-alone, hybrid or fully autonomous solution so you remain in control.

Tenant Referencing

Let Roby do the heavy lifting and communicate directly with third-party tenant referencing companies.

Decide on a set standard to auto-approve references or manually check each and every applicant.

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