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Answers to our most commonly asked questions.
What is Roby?

Roby is an intelligent automation engine that seamlessly executes tasks across the property sector.

Roby eradicates repetitive and laborious processes and allows people to focus on what humans are good at and those things that really matter to you and your business.

What tasks can Roby automate?

Roby has many automation competencies such as deposit lodging, account reconciliation, the manipulation of customer templates, bespoke client communication, digital signatory, smart ticketing engines and automated scheduling that function seamlessly alongside third-party software.

Utilising these competencies Roby creates ‘workflows’. Common workflows include the completion of pre-tenancy paperwork, contract renewals, maintenance requests, account reconciliation, credit control, and many more.

Roby can automate any day-to-day task; it is simply a process of working with you to understand your bespoke workflow.

What property companies do you work with?

Roby is completely agnostic and flexible and thus helps businesses across the entire sector which includes commercial, residential, co-working, co-living and student accommodation space.

Why should I use Roby?

1. Roby allows people to focus on what humans are good at and spend more time on the things that really matter.

2. Roby can complete time-consuming and repetitive tasks far more accurately and efficiently than a person ever could.

3. Roby’s powerful AI engines learn and understand your way of working, suggest tweaks and changes that improve your operational efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

4. Roby provides a platform to test these assumptions and make changes based on real, quantifiable data rather than gut feel.

How is roby implement?

The process begins with a short 30-minute demo.

From there, one of our team will sit with you and map your workflows, gather your templates, branding and company colours. This typically takes an hour.

Our implementation team will build your bespoke workflow inside Roby and provide you with a testing environment to tweak and change the workflow as you familiarise yourself with the system.

How long does it take to implement?

The entire implementation process takes 1 to 2 weeks and usually involves 3 or 4 meetings that are no more than an hour long.

How much does Roby cost?

Our pricing model has two parts and depends on the complexity of automation and the number of properties/units.

Initial Setup Fee: Covering the consulting work, workflow mapping, system configuration, system integrations and training of users.

Monthly SaaS Subscription: A monthly fee for the Roby system and ongoing technical support

Is Roby a Property Management System?

While Roby can operate as a property management system (PMS) solution, we specialise in business process automation; thus, we can also sit on top of your existing PMS.

Can I use my branding?

Yes. Your end-user never sees Roby.

Roby works behind the scenes and interacts with your customers using your branding, templates, wording and company colours.

Is there ongoing support?

Yes. Our premium, on the spot service, is part of your monthly subscription.

If you wish to tweak or change a process get in touch and we will make the amendments in a matter of minutes.

Where are you located?

We have offices in Central London, and our R&D team sit in Tel Aviv, Israel.

What happens to my personal data?

We understand that your data is important to you. We use and store select data as part of our day-to-day operations, and the Roby database is backed up every day.

Roby sits on Amazon Web Services infrastructure operating the latest cyber security protocols including full encryption. We comply with all data protection regulation and are fully GDPR compliant;

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