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Case study #4: Property Management Company

Seamless Payment Solution

The problem

This client manages 1,500 properties in the Yorkshire area and required a solution to their very chaotic accounting and reconciliation process. The procedure was made particularly complex because of the excessive use of physical cheques and a significant time delay in reconciling received payments. There was also a lack of communication between the team of four accountants that often lead to the duplication of tasks.

Our Solution

  • Push 2 Pay banking solution
  • Monitoring of companies client accounts
  • Auto reconciling bank statements. Increase in payment solutions (direct debit, standing orders, credit and debit cards) to disincentives cheque payments.
  • Integrate with their preferred accounting system (Xero)

The Outcome

Within four months of implementing Roby.ai the agent reduced regulatory errors by 84%. Management was initially apprehensive of the automation fearing further or new errors, therefore, the Roby system was implemented slowly, starting with just the DPS automation for eight new properties. Once the client witnessed the accuracy of the system and its ease of use, the business moved 75% of the properties over to Roby.ai across multiple business processes. By the end of October 2019, Roby.ai will manage multiple compliance processes for the entire lettings book and reduce process errors by 98%.

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