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Case study #2: Property Management Company

Improving Customer Interaction

The problem

This client is a property manager located between two closely connected towns in North Essex. The business has typically used exceptional customer service and friendly staff to sell property management services. Unfortunately, the directors focus on more traditional relationship management techniques has led to the neglect of new technologies. As a result, the business has seen landlords, particularly the younger, tech-savvy type, move to competitors.

Our Solution

  • Implementation of the self-service portal
  • Auto-updates via emails & SMS for both landlords and tenants
  • Real-time status on landlord requests (have my tenants signed, monies received etc)
  • Online platform to report and automate maintenance work
  • Automated scheduling of viewings, confirmations and reminders

The Outcome

The directors were keen to implement all five process workflows simultaneously to move the business into the digital age as quickly as possible. Six weeks after the full system implementation, inbound calls from existing customers dropped 41%, and engagement rates on the self-service portal rose 48%. The businesses decision to automate customer interaction has allowed employees to focus on what they do best; continue to deepen working relationships, with more time on the phone and less time on outdated business processes.

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