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Case studies

Case Study #1: Letting Agency
Compliance & Regulation

A letting agent has become increasingly overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork and new procedures following the rise of property regulation. This extra workload has led to a fall in standards, unhappy landlords and the risk of fines. Learn how Roby helped reshape the direction of this agency.

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Case Study #2 Property Management Company:
Improving Customer Interaction

A property manager has seen customer service fall and response times rise. This fall in standards is reflective in online reviews, which is crucial to bring in new business and already affecting the number of new instructions and re-instructions. Learn how Roby’s automation improved both response time and customer satisfaction.

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Case study #3 Letting agency:
Reducing Operational Costs

A letting agent struggled to keep on top of the vast paperwork involved in the lettings process, which has seen a steady rise in cost. The management team is also very focused on pushing for new business opportunities but somewhat concerned about how this will further impact the back-office workload. Learn how Roby helped this agency achieve both objectives.

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Case study #4 Property Management Company:
Seamless Payment Solution

A property manager has found it a challenge to process and reconcile payments made via cheque because of the clearing
time. This delay has led to the checking of bank accounts many times a day and delaying other lettings processes. Learn how Roby moved traditional payments online and streamlined the reconciliation process.

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Case study #5 Property Management Company:
Optimisation And Simplification Of Maintenance

A property manager has struggled to keep on top of maintenance requests because of the unsynchronized approach they took to dealing with repairs, driven primarily by the very manual process of requesting third party contractor quotations. Learn how Roby automated the entire maintenance process.

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