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Ready To Better Your Property Business?

Meet Roby, the first and only business process automation engine built from the ground up using Artificial Intelligence.

Roby saves property businesses hundreds of hours every month and empowers people to focus on the personal and human side of their jobs.

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Roby Does It All

Roby performs time-consuming, manual tasks that humans are unable to perform at the speed and scale required for efficient and effective consumer interactions.


The complete package. Everything from pre-tenancy paperwork, new instructions, contract renewals, maintenance requests, account reconciliation, credit control and more.


Entirely bespoke workflow creation. Every business is different; every process is different.


Roby does not depend on any other platforms and can harmoniously sit atop of your existing legacy systems.


Stay in control and decide on the level of automation you require for each and every business process.

Roby's Two-Stage Solution

Recognising that no workflow is ever the same and that every business operates in its own unique way, Roby's team will map your business processes and build entirely bespoke solutions tweaking and refining them, ready for you to use.

Roby's AI engines understand your processes from within; with the capabilities to identify bottlenecks and pitfalls Roby can recommend tweaks in your operations, providing a platform to test and implement changes based on real quantifiable data rather than gut feel.

Roby's Benefits

Increase Your Revenue

Close more deals using our advanced tenant matching engine that improves conversion rate and customer retention.

Reduce Operating Costs

Spend less, do more!
Roby is an additional team member, carrying out multiple tasks far more efficiently and accurately than a human ever could.

Improve Your Customers Experience

Our pioneering technology connects you to your customers in unparalleled ways. This allows for exceptional customer service using unique features such as instant account reconciliation, real-time maintenance updates and so much more.

Unique Business Insight

Analyse your business and teams like never before. Monitor productivity and instantly identify bottlenecks. Discover what's blocking deals via proprietary AI-driven data.

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